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Can babies guess what they will hear next when
others are talking?

8-9 months

This study looks at how infants use patterns they hear
in fluent speech to help them find individual words.
Your child will come into the lab and listen to some
fluent Italian speech and using our eye-tracker we will
be able to see which words from the speech your child
likes to listen to the most and see which patterns help
children to find words.


Where’s the dog? Studying how quickly children look at a
picture after hearing it’s name.

23-25 months

Children are really good at learning words and matching
pictures with the words they hear and we have found that
children show a preference for looking at pictures of words
they are familiar with. In this study we will have children
come into the lab and show them 2 pictures on a screen
and using an eye-tracker we will be monitoring how quickly
they switch to look at the word they hear. We are
interested in seeing whether children will switch their
attention more quickly when they hear a word made up of
sounds that are more commonly heard than words that are
made up of sounds that don’t often go together.

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