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Take part in our studies!

If you have a child under the age of 5, and are interested in taking part in our studies, complete the form to sign up to our database!

We will contact when a study suitable for your child is taking place, and you will decide whether you would like to take part or not at that time. You will receive information about what the study involves to help you make your decision. ​


If you have more than one child you would like to register, please fill in a separate form for each of them. If your baby has not yet been born, you can register your interest by emailing

Your details are stored safely, will only be used by University of Liverpool researchers, and won't be shared with any third party. You can ask for your details to be removed from our database at any time by emailing

All of the studies we run at the Liverpool Language Lab have received ethical approval from and met the necessary standards ​set by the University of Liverpool.

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